MetroCARE is a community partnership to improve access to medical care for low-income, uninsured residents of Jackson, Clay and Platte Counties. MetroCARE combines care provided by volunteer Northland primary care physicians and safety net clinics with donated specialty care in a coordinated program.Northland Health Care Access and the Metropolitan Medical Society of Greater Kansas City work in partnership to operate the program with the support of a planning grant from The Center for Practical Bioethics. Offices located in the Barry Medical Park and Metropolitan Medical Society of Greater Kansas City connect patients with medical care they would not otherwise be able to access. Patients have received such services as MRI, X-rays, infusion treatments, cancer therapies, colonoscopies and outpatient surgery procedures.

Why the need?
Although many residents have health insurance coverage and reliable access to care, many others do not. However, the hospital emergency departments have seen tremendous growth in the number of patients coming in to seek medical care due to the lack of resources available for the uninsured. The majority of these patients are the working poor who cannot afford or are not offered insurance by their employers.
Who is eligible?
Northland CARE/MetroCARE patients will be Jackson, Clay or Platte County residents who are low income, uninsured, ineligible for governmental health care programs, and have previously been financially screened.

Why support this program?

Many health care providers already care for uninsured patients; others gladly would help meet this need if assured that the burden is shared fairly and that the charitable work will be appreciated. Northland CARE/MetroCARE offers this opportunity for physicians, allied health professionals, hospitals, laboratory and diagnostic facilities, and other health care providers. Together, we can assist existing safety net clinics and institutions provide needed patient care in a way that is coordinated, efficient, equitable, and effective.
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How will Northland CARE/MetroCARE work?
Northland CARE/MetroCARE is modeled on similar initiatives already established in dozens of cities and communities. It is being developed here in conjunction with Kansas City based Wy/Jo Care and KC CareLink. Components of this system include professional referral staff, a broad base of primary care and specialist physicians, and fair distribution of eligible patients among participating providers. Northland CARE/Metro Care’s referral system ensures that providers are asked to accept only the number of patients they have agreed to see. Referrals rotate among the providers to maintain a balanced distribution of patients.
For eligibility requirements or for more information on the program, call the Northland CARE/MetroCARE hotline at 816-880-6700